What if you could shine a flashlight on any activity that you loved to do and see all the other people, places, and companies that shared your passion? Even better, what if that beam of light directly connected you to all the amazing "things" you discovered? That's the goal of MAXER: To illuminate and connect.

As a proud media partner of Outdoor Retailer Summer 2016 (our first time!) MAXER is meeting with and inviting exhibitor brands, individuals, and teams to register for a featured profile on MAXER.

Once registered, teams, brands and individuals attending Outdoor Retailer Summer 2016 are automatically eligible to be nominated for a 2017 Inspiration Award, presented at Outdoor Retailer Winter in January 2017.

A MAXER profile is automatically created using designated social media and Strava accounts. Categorized by activity and type, MAXER profiles are designed for teams, brands, and individuals operating in the outdoor sports industry. They showcase a brand's, team's or individual's partnerships, sponsors and achievements as well as their recent social media and Strava activity.

Since all profiles are ranked according to their MAXER Score, it's easy to see which team, brand or individual is leading in their category on a daily, weekly, monthly, annually and all time basis. Think of it as an online resume that is automatically updated with content that highlights your best - and one that you can easily compare to others.

MAXER Score is a useful metric for evaluating a profile's impact in the outdoor industry. Analyzing and calibrating a profile's social, search, Strava and Achievements, MAXER can produce an overall score from 1-100. A high score signals that a profile has impact and influence in its category.

If you ever wanted to know how your brand, team of ambassadors or pro roster stacked up against another, then MAXER can help. Individuals armed with a MAXER profile and score possess a quantifiable way to approach and connect with the brands in the sports they love.

Line chart and example of MAXER Score
MAXER technology processes four key components to generate a profile score: Social Media Performance, Achievements, Strava Activity and Search Presence.

To inspire greater diversity in the outdoor industry, MAXER also enables all individual and team profiles to be filtered on the Leaderboard based on gender, ethnicity and age. We strongly believe that for the outdoor sports industry to grow, it needs to continue appealing to a larger and more diverse audience.

We'll be enjoying our first Outdoor Retailer Summer event this week. We are excited to explore the exhibition, check out awesome new gear and learn from many different brands how they're growing their business. If we sadly do not get a chance to meet in person, then just "Create a MAXER Profile" and we'll quickly be in touch online.

Enjoy Outdoor Retailer Summer 2016!